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Fraud Forum - new trends in compliance regulation and forensic investigations in the pharma industry

Wednesday, Oct 23, 2019 From 13:30 to 16:30

Twin City/A, Karadžičova 2, Bratislava

Dentons in cooperation with PwC cordially invite you to the Fraud Forum event, which will focus on new trends in compliance regulation and forensic investigations in the pharma industry.

Speakers at the Fraud Forum include lawyers from Dentons, Zuzana Šimeková, Daniel Lipšic and Juraj Gyarfáš (overview of the legal framework and obligations that could trigger legal issues or present a risk for a company, i.e. possible investigation, sanctions, or reputational damage; insights into pharmaceutical regulation, competition, and criminal laws; what to be aware of and what to avoid in practice), as well as experts from PwC, Pavel Jankech and Jakub Javorský (using technology for the prevention, monitoring, and detection of risks as regards pharmaceutical regulation; forensic investigation instruments, their use for internal investigation, and readiness for potential external investigation.)

To register please use this link (, to request further details, please e-mail

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