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HBRP Webinar: Humanocracy

Webinar: Design your Perfect Workspace at Home

Tuesday, May 26, 2020 From 14:00 to 15:00

in cooperation with MAUKŠ


The way many of us work has changed dramatically over the last couple of weeks. Once a corporate benefit, working from home has now often become the only option. A semi-permanent home office can certainly be challenging.

After 15 years of experiencing it ourselves, we at MAUKŠ realize this all too well. We also believe that the road to success leads through self-experimentation. Our experience gained through countless hits and misses will help you on your personal journey of creating an (almost) perfect workspace in the comfort of your homes.

Additionally, we will provide 3 useful tips on how to make your very own DYI Quiet Spaces for your online calls!


Mira MaukšCo-Owner, Interior Architect & Designer

Peter MaukšCo-Owner, Interior Architect & Designer


Registrations will be CLOSED on Monday, 25th May, 2020, at 5pm.

Useful information before the webinar starts:

  • ONLY registered participants will receive the login details in a separate email before the webinar, after closing the registration.
  • This Webinar will be presented in Slovak Language
  • By participating at the event you accept that the presentation & subsequent Q&A session will be recorded.
  • Recording from the webinar will be published at the AmCham webpage after the webinar.
  • Question during the presentation can be asked in written form through the “chat” feature.
  • After joining the webinar - please go on MUTE and turn off your camera.

Documents to download

June 09, 2020


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