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Business Cocktail

Known for a great selection of food and drinks and above all – a great company and atmosphere.


AmCham´s Business Cocktails are events for general membership, business partners, and for other potential member contacts. These rather festive events offer to our members an opportunity to enjoy time with their business partners in a relaxed, informal atmosphere. It is an excellent opportunity for meeting new people, socializing, and creating new contacts. Moreover, each cocktail can reflect the sponsoring company’s own individual sense of style, as these events are usually held in a variety of locations, allowing for both a unique atmosphere and a varying range of refreshments. AmCham Business Cocktails are open to both AmCham members and non-members.

  • venue: based on agreement with a sponsor company
  • duration: approximately 2 hours
  • attendance: usually between 100-150.
  • sponsorship amount: usually varies from 4000 to 5500 EUR*

Sponsorship Benefits:


  • Invitation sent via e-mail to all AmCham members (approximately a month before the event)
  • Information about the event also provided as part of AmCham weekly Events Newsletter
  • Reminder sent via e-mail to all AmCham members (a week before the event)
  • Event announced on the AmCham website as a sponsored event with the logo of your company , as well as on via all our social media chanells.


  • A speech or a short presentation given by a representative of your company together with a Q&A
  • A prominent display of your company´s logo during the presentation
  • Your promotional materials displaced at the cocktail venue


  • An article summarizing the Cocktail in the next issue of Connection magazine with pictures from the event and your company’s logo. (Connection currently has a distribution of 1200 issues delivered to all of our members as well to the lobbies of hotels such as Radisson BLU Carlton, Crowne Plaza, Park Inn, and to popular meeting places throughout the city)
  • Receing the pictures from the event (placed also at AmCham website:, together with the results from the AmCham Survey distributed to the attendees ater the event.

The sponsorship cost depends on choice of venue, additional program, content of menu and drinks offered at the event. Estimate cost for regular business cocktail (excluding special requests of sponsor company) varies from 4000 to 5500 EUR. Sponsorship can also be split between two or more sponsors.



* Please note that all of our prices are without VAT.