AmCham Slovakia

Executive Business Club

AmCham Board of Directors and CEOs of Patron Member companies - exclusive networking event with a special high-level guest.


The Executive Business Club comprises an exclusive group AmCham Board of Directors and Patron Member companies. The major purpose of its meetings is to create a top-level speaking and networking forum for corporate leaders enabling them to discuss key business issues, exchange high level intimate ideas and share insights in a relaxed and constructive atmosphere. The AmCham Executive Business Club is an added member benefit for the top level of membership, which already have and deserve more benefits, just as in any club with various levels of membership. The AmCham Executive Business Clubs are open only for AmCham Board and Patron membership companies.

  • sponsorship amount: 1,500 EUR*
  • venue: based on the agreement with a sponsor company
  • duration: Approximately two hours
  • attendance: up to 20

Sponsorship Benefits:

  • Sponsors logo on invitation sent by regular mail to Board Members and Patron members
  • Through the prominent display of your logo at the event
  • Publicly thanked to sponsor company at the event
  • If desired, through promotional materials you place at the Executive Business Club site



* Please note that all of our prices are without VAT.