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Cybersecurity: A List of Lists

The recent advancements in information technology, digitalization processes, and AI have resulted in increased risks of cyber-attacks and the emergence of new kinds of hybrid threats in the digital space. The need for cyber security solutions and implementation has never been greater and has been exacerbated by the impending COVID-19 pandemic, which has revealed many blind spots and shortcomings of current systems and processes. Cybersecurity challenges are a cross-cutting issue affecting all segments of society, from individuals of all ages, through businesses, public administration institutions, and critical infrastructure. There is a need for complex, structural solutions in the long run, however, there already is a number of ongoing initiatives aimed at education and prevention of cybersecurity challenges.

Here, we bring you a list of activities related to cybersecurity: from educational initiatives targeting a specific section of society or business, professional trainings and seminars aimed at reducing cybersecurity risks, or informative publications or handbooks.

Aimed at children:

  1. Global page by Eset aimed at digital safety of children online in 12 languages. Its Slovak version:
  2. Security Girl project of the NGO Aj Ty v IT where professionals educate chosen girl ambassadors of the program about digital security and facilitates them to positively influence their peers and communities
  3. DigiQ an organization which educates children and teenagers about digital safety and digital citizenship in partnership with many IT companies and educational institutions in Slovakia

Aimed at teachers:

  1. Handbook and a list of activities for teachers to include educational activities about digital safety in curricula
  2. Digital skills training for teachers from entire Slovakia to show them creative ways to include coding and digital safety in their teaching. The training is created by a number of volunteers from companies including Orange, Accenture, Eset, Microsoft. 
  3. A follow-up digital skills training for the most active teachers to further influence and educate their colleagues and pupils and to create a local community hub in Slovak regions

Aimed at university students:

  1. Fundamentals and application of reverse engineering course offered at the Slovak technical university and Technical University of Košice taught by experts from the field

Handbooks and teaching materials:

  1. A coursebook about digital safety and cybersecurity for primary and secondary schools co-authored by Marek Zeman, Miroslav Blšák, Jaroslav Oster, Daniel Chromek
  2. Spojení navždy a book for parents about how to navigate the intense and ever-present bond between their children and technology (in Slovak language)

Aimed at professionals:

  1. English language blog “We Live Security” by Eset about current research, news, and insights from in-the-field professionals
  2. Threat-report published three times a year based on real data about current biggest cybersecurity threats published by Eset (in English)

Aimed at senior citizens:

  1. “Fake news and the threats on internet – a manual (not only) for senior citizens” by Lukáš Zajac from Transparency International Slovakia (in Slovak language)