AmCham Slovakia

AmCham in the Media - June 2020

As we do every month, we would like to inform you about some of the most important AmCham media appearances. 

On June 3, 2020, the monthly Profit SK published an article on automation and robotics, which also mentioned the business center industry. Software and artificial intelligence are intensively shifting automation into offices and white-collar areas. BSCF top representatives Gabriel Galgóci, Paul Burt, and Martin Bednár spoke about it. The article is also available in the online version

In June Ronald Blaško joined the Trend Barometer on several topics - on how Igor Matovič's government managed the coronation crisis (June 10), how AmCham employees return to offices (June 16) and whether it is right that the government plans to replace the heads of all district offices (June 25). 

On June 12, 2020, Michal Krčméry wrote a comment in the SME daily about the importance of experts at the head of regulatory authorities for the next term of office in a transparent manner, for whom there will be no doubt about their character background. The article is published also in the online version

On June 18, 2020, AmCham Slovakia issued a press release in connection with the holding of an exclusive webinar on the future of Slovak science and research in the context of the transformation to a knowledge economy. In the media outcomes, there were emphasized that the development pillar of Slovakia must be science, research, education, and innovation. The report was published by several media:,, RTVS,,,, SME,,, 

The Public Procurement Office and INEKO drafted a law that allowed it to operate independently. Representatives of entrepreneurs believe that the change will bring greater credibility to public tenders and with it new investments and opportunities. Michal Krcmery reflected the positives of the proposal for employers in RTVS and TA3.

In the print magazine Noviny do pohody, published by Mafra Slovakia, a popularizing article appeared about the fact that we should not be afraid of artificial intelligence. The article also mentions the origin and operation of slovak.AI in Slovakia. 
A positive reference was also published on slovak.AI in the article on the portal, where there is an interview with Alexander Kabirov, an expert on AI from PwC. 

An article entitled “From the manufacturing hall to something better” was published in Slovak Spectator. Policy officers Petra Zappe and Peter Rusiňák were cited in the article and talked that the education system and innovations will play a major role in enhancing Slovakia’s competitiveness, GDP growth, and keeping its talent in regions. 

The portal published an article by Peter Kolesár, a member of the board of AmCham Slovakia, who is thinking about the future of automotive in Slovakia and that the tiger needs new inputs.