AmCham Slovakia

AmCham in the Media - August 2020

As we do every month, we would like to inform you about some of the most important AmCham media appearances.

On August 1, DennikN published an extensive interview in printed and online version with Professor Mária Bieliková, who is the chairwoman of the Slovak Center for Artificial Intelligence Research - Slovak.AI (of which AmCham is a founding member). The interview was also part of the E-tika podcast, which is about the social impact of digital technologies.

The Tax Manifesto 2020 received significant media coverage in August:

On August 3,  Hospodárske noviny published a comprehensive article on the initiative prepared by Richard Panek, Vice Chair of the AmCham Tax Committee.

On August 10, Richard Panek was also present in TA3 live discussion. The media story was also part of the daily news at TA3.

On August 25, Trend published a comprehensive article on reforms needed for the Slovak economy which also referred to the Tax Manifesto.

On August 27, print version of the Trend magazine featured a comprehensive interview with Christiana Serugova, AmCham Tax Committee Chair on the Tax Manifesto, which was later published online.

News about the opening of a new International primary school in Košice (KEIS) and AmCham role in the process were published on (August 3) and (August 17).   

On August 7, a brief report in Dennik E on the operation of the business centers was issued, quoting BSCF Chairman Gabriel Galgóci.

On August 10, the Slovak spectator published an article within the AmCham blog written by Marcel Klimo of vacuumlabs s.r.o. with the headline: Fintech battlegrounds: Europe vs. the US

On August 11 Michal Krčméry, AmCham´s spokesperson commented in on the proposed changes in regional investment aid, presented by the Ministry of Economy.

On August 19, TREND Barometer quoted Ronald Blaško, AmCham Executive Director, on trends in real estate prices.

On August 28, Slovak Spectator published in its print version an article on the Rule of Law Initiative from M. Krčméry. In addition, the edition´s US Focus included AmCham evaluation of the most recent business developments in Slovakia.