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AmCham in the Media - December 2020

As we do every month, we would like to inform you about some of the most important AmCham media appearances.  

On December 1 The Slovak Spectator published the article written by Michaela Benedigová and Peter Jančarík within AmCham Blog dealing with the topic of What brands should do in a pandemic of distrust. The article is the original content of our Connection Magazine.

On December 8, following the well-received How much does depression cost your company? webinar, several media and media partners informed about how the mental health of employees affects companies from the economic perspective and which intervention programs in cooperation with the third sector are offered to them:,, TASR,,,

On December 8 Nextech portal informed about the outcomes of our successful East Innovation Conference in Košice.

On December 10 The Slovak Spectator published an article on how recent amendments to the Labor Code reflect changes wrought by the COVID-19 pandemic on the labor market. Peter Rusiňák explained what more needs to be done for a country to have a modern Labor Code reflecting current challenges while working from home.

On December 14, Ronald Blaško answered the Trend Barometer evaluating the year 2020 and wondering in expectations for 2021 (online and print).

On December 15, SME daily published Ranking of the largest shared service centers based on the sales revenue from services provided within the corporation.

On December 17, the Rule of Law Initiative issued a critical call on the government to adhere to the principles of the legislative process. The report was published in TREND,,

On December 21, the Public Procurement Office streamed a videoconference discussion held in connection with the current amendment on public procurement entitled: How will the state buy for our money? Michal Krčméry was invited as one of the keynote presenters. The video recording is available on and

At the end of the year, TASR issued two press releases reflecting the past year. Professor Peter Sinčák spoke on behalf of the Center for Artificial Intelligence and Peter Kolesár on behalf of AmCham Slovakia:

We also had a media appearance on the last day of the year - On December 31 Ronald Blaško wrote a commentary to DennikN about the fact that Slovakia needs an economic vision for the post-covid world.