AmCham Slovakia


AmCham in the Media - May 2021

As we do every month, we would like to inform you about some of the most important AmCham media appearances.   

The Government approved a national strategy for equality between women and men and equal opportunities. Differences, whether in appraisal, career or leading positions between men and women in our society, still exist. Ronald Blaško talked about the advantages of diverse teams in a TA3 report on 1 May.

On May 3, the portal published an article on future trends of artificial intelligence and how it could change the economy of Slovakia, while the article also mentioned data from the Slovak.AI survey on the use and potential of AI in Slovakia.

On May 3, Nextech magazine (printed and online version) published also in printed version informed about the free Elements of AI course under the auspices of the Center for Artificial Intelligence in Slovakia (CUI) AIslovakIA.

On May 4, the journal Pravda published an article stating that there are still few female scientists, programmers or engineers. The article followed up on the April Women in Business conference, which focused on women's careers in the field of STEM.

On May 6, the monthly magazine Trend published a specialized supplement to shared service centers TREND FOCUS SHARED SERVICE CENTERS (printed and online version).  In articles BSCF data and statements of Peter Rusiňák were actively used:

  • Homework legislation lacks detailing (online)

  • Business centers have proved that they are a solid support for the economy even in a crisis (online)

  • Graduates of Slovak schools are not enough to claim big business (online)

On May 27, another article on this topic was published in a specialized supplement TREND TOP IN INFOTECHNOLOGIES entitled Shared Services The crisis has passed.

On May 6, the daily SME published a commentary by Ronald Blaško entitled How to be a hedgehog and a fox in adequate proportions about the forms of good decision-making by leaders. The complexity of our world and our problems requires the ability to perceive contexts that go beyond the narrow specialization of many experts today (printed and online).

On May 14, the daily DennikN published a joint commentary written by Weston Stacey and Ronald Blaško entitled Goodwill alone will not be enough for better EU-US relations on the development and potential of transatlantic relations at the occasion of 100 days of President Joe Biden´s administration.

On May 18, The Slovak Spectator published an article entitled Making the connections between work and life, including interview with Alena Kanabová of Accenture and Martin Maštalír. The article was originally published in AmCham magazine Connection.

On May 20, Trend published an article on the stability of the legislative process in Slovakia in its specialized supplement entitled LAW AND ADVOCATION, where the Rule of Law initiative and Gabriela Šaturová actively participated.