AmCham Slovakia


AmCham in the Media - February 2022

As we do every month, we would like to inform you about some of the most important AmCham media appearances.   

On January 4, portal published a list of best pictures of 2021, one of the Ms. Maria Bielikova, founder of Slovak.AI.

On January 5, portal published an interview with Mr. Rober Simoncic about upcoming investments in SK, mentioning Mr. Simoncic’s position as former President of AmCham Slovakia.

On January 6, printed Forbes magazine published AmCham’s promotional banner – Become member of AmCham, as part of our cooperation agreement.

On January 17, portals,, or published articles based on our press release Proposed bill on resolving imminent bankruptcy will not help the businesses in difficulties published the same day.

On January 17, and January 20, portal as well as printed Trend magazine published Barometer: Do you support the financing of the parental bonus through lower contributions to II. pillar? and published Ronald Blaško, Executive Director of AmCham’s reply.

On January 20, portal published an interview with Peter Lukáč, the new director of NCZI (National Health Information Center), who mentioned AmCham as a partner they would like to cooperate with on health data management. He pointed out that AmCham has already collected various data and can name exactly what the problems of individual doctors or healthcare partners are.

On January 24, portal published Barometer: Do you think the government should reduce inflation by reducing VAT? and published Ronald Blaško, Executive Director of AmCham’s reply.

On January 24, on portal, Martin Pilnik published a blog The innovative pharmaceutical industry would like to introduce obligations that ruin healthcare funding mentioning AmCham submitting amendments to a healthcare law similar to AIFP (Association of Innovative Pharmaceutical Industry) as well as many of the same members as AIFP that was the center of criticism of this blog.