AmCham Slovakia


AmCham in the Media - March 2022

As we do every month, we would like to inform you about some of the most important AmCham media appearances.    

On February 1, 2 online portals, posted our press release supporting the adoption of the new Construction Law in the version submitted by the government to the National Council of the Slovak Republic.

On February 3, online portal mentioned AmCham in their article about digitization of SMEs and the roundtable that SAPIE co-organized with AmCham and printed business weekly Trend shared a short paragraph on p. 6 titled Digitization of companies and Recovery Plan from the same event.

On February 4, online portals and and on February 21 portal published an article We lack digital culture and trained staff. What are Slovakia's prospects in digital competition? about Microsoft Envision 2022 conference where R.Blaško shared the Ten Solutions of Closing the Skills Gap prepared in cooperation with Microsoft.

On February 12, online portal published an article and an interview with Ronald Blaško on the topic of The global battle for talent has begun. The exodus of Slovaks is a huge loss to our economy.

On February 14, online portal published an article Employers are concerned about the law on excessive nuclear profit tax, Slovenské elektrárne is not to blame for the increase in prices that mentioned AmCham’s press release on the same topic.

On February 18, online portal published an article Recognition lags behind the economic power of the BSC sector. Shared services now the third-biggest sector of the Slovak economy mentioned BSCF, the industry association running under AmCham Slovakia.

On February 21, online portal published Barometer: Is the Slovak economy catching up with the Czech? and published Ronald Blaško, Executive Director of AmCham’s reply.

On February 24, online portal published the article of Ronald Blaško, AmCham Director, called Slovakia has been tackling the development of lagging regions for decades.