AmCham Slovakia


AmCham in the Media - May 2022

As we do every month, we would like to inform you about some of the most important AmCham media appearances.  

On April 6, online portal published the article Business service centers benefit from the creativity and skills of people in Slovakia highlighting BSCF industry as one of the country’s most dominant with further potential. This is a Slovak version of the article originally published in English on March 1.

On April 6, online portal published the article Promises of Heger's government's transparent tenders remained only on paper, entrepreneurs pointed to several failures that mentioned AmCham’s press release on the same topic. Additional 27 online media portals shared this SITA agency article.

On April 6, online portal published our press release The Government of the Slovak Republic has gradually resigned from strict and transparent selection procedures.

On April 8, online portal published the commentary Complexity cubed - a look at current economic problems of our AmCham Director Ronald Blasko.

On April 12, online portal of Dennik N published the interview Businesses are helping the government as much as they can, even with free cigarettes for soldiers at the front, says the head of the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine with Andy Hunder, President of AmCham Ukraine.

On April 21, the Slovak Ministry of Foreign Affairs’s website as well as published the news about State Secretary Brocková attending AmCham’s Women in Business conference titled Ingrid Brocková at the American Chamber of Commerce conference: The Slovak labor market needs a recovery from the pandemic. The integration of Ukrainian citizens is an opportunity to address long-term structural employment problems.

On April 25, online portal published information about Slovak Foreign Ministry’s State Secretary Brockova attending AmCham’s Women in Business conference in their weekly event digest.

On April 26, online portal published AmCham’s press release about the Women in Business conference titled Talentism is the Future: Finding top talent through gender equality, diversity and inclusion.

On April 27, the printed daily SME published the article You will get advice at work, and work at home on page 17 about the new models of hybrid work requiring less office space from the BSCF series originally issued online in February and March 2022.