AmCham Slovakia


AmCham in the Media - December 2022

As we do every month, we would like to inform you about some of the most important AmCham media appearances.    

On November 2, online portal published our press release about European Digital Innovation Hubs (EDIHs) and their potential to transform the Slovak economy and society.

On November 7, online portal published a Barometer: Do you expect costs to continue to rise next year? and published Ronald Blaško, Executive Director of AmCham’s reply.

On November 7, online portal published an article about Stefan Rosina and Matador Group and mentioned AmCham initiative and document Vision Slovakia 2030, that Stefan Rosina Jr. has been part of.

On November 8, online portal of the Slovak Radio published an interview “K veci: Slovensko a právny štát/To the point: Slovakia and the rule of law“ with Zuzana Petrova, AmCham Policy Manager and Rule of Law Initiative coordinator discussing the ranking of Slovakia in the Rule of Law Index 2022. Several media outlets published news based on our press release about the drop of Slovakia in the index this year, TASR, HN online,, TA3 News.

On November 9, Slovak television RTVS made an interview for “Správy a komentáre/News and commentaries“ with Zuzana Petrova, AmCham Policy Manager and Rule of Law Initiative coordinator discussing the ranking of Slovakia in the Rule of Law Index 2022.

On November 10, several media outlets –, TASR, Markiza,, published news and articles based on our press release on the topics of Equal Pay Gap – Women earn by 14% less in the EU than men and about the Empower Women event AmCham organized on November 10.

On November 16, AmCham together with other employers association published a join statement criticizing the proposal of MPs currently in the parliament that will increase the tax burden and have significant negative impacts on domestic businesses. The news was shared by several media outlets, TASR, Dennik N,,

On November 17, weekly Trend published an interview “Slovakia is still attractive for businesses, but it is losing its competitive position“ with Peter Rusinak, AmCham Senior Policy Manager & BSCF Coordinator about the strength of the BSCF sector in Slovakia, the effects of automatization and digitalization, and the newest Bratislava City shared services center. Download it from our website.

On November 18, the Slovak Ministry of Economy published news on their website about business lunch with companies in Eastern Slovakia organized by AmCham Slovakia.

On November 18, online portal published an article “Leaders in difficult times“ with Martin Mastalir, AmCham Board member and Chair of the Digital Committee.

On November 21, online portal published an interview “Artificial intelligence in healthcare: scourge or opportunity?“ with two Slovak female experts, and one of them Katarina Mayer, machine learning researcher in ESET mentioned AmCham Health Data Value project as an very ambitious project that if completed could bring fast research and development of medical applications UI in Slovakia.

On November 24, online portal TASR, published news about a joint support of the National strategy for research, development and innovation by research institutions and business organizations, including AmCham Slovakia.