AmCham Slovakia


AmCham in the Media - September 2023

As we do every month, we would like to inform you about some of the most important AmCham media appearances.    

On September 1, the portal published a feature interview with Martina Slabejová about her personal goals as well as the goals she would like to achieve with AmCham Slovakia.
On September 5, various media (TASR, HN online,,, Trend) informed about the outcomes of AmCham's  Rule of Law and Human Capital Pre-Election Debate, mentioning the seven measures recommended by the Rule of Law initiative to improve the most problematic areas.

Between September 5 and 13, various media (Euractiv, RTVS, Nextech, SITA), informed about the policy recommendations included in AmCham Slovakia's policy documents "No Country for the Young" and "Who Guards the Guardians", including quotes by Rule of Law initiative representatives Martin Magál and Matej Stuška.

On September 12, various media outlets (TASR,,, informed about the results of the study conducted by AmCham Slovakia, INESS and Advance Healthcare Management Institute, stressing the urgent need for reforming the health care system, including a quote by AmCham Healthcare Committee chairman Vladimir Mičieta.

Between September 12 and 14, major media outlets (Euractiv, Nextech, DennikN, Trend, RTVS International) brought attention to AmCham's recommendations related to Slovakia's underfinanced healthcare based on its analysis from 2020 and an updated evaluation of the current state.

On September 13, various media (HN online, Trend,,, informed about the outcomes of the political debate organized by AmCham Slovakia and SAPIE on the importance of supporting digitalization and innovation in Slovakia.

On September 19, Plus jeden den published the results of a poll calling for improving Slovak healthcare and making it a political priority. To demonstrate the current state, it quotes the results of the study conducted by AmCham Slovakia, INESS and Advance Healthcare Management Institute.

On September 25, The Slovak Spectator printed an interview with AmCham's Executive Director Martina Slabejová, in which she shares her thoughts on the current state of Slovakia's business environment, the economy in general, as well as the huge potential of Eastern Slovakia and AmCham's activities in this region.
On September 28, various media (Trend,,,  published a press release related to AmCham's BSCF conference, stressing the importance of the shared services sector for the Slovak economy and quoting BSCF Chair Gabriel Galgóci.