AmCham Slovakia

Election Day Eve? Enjoy at an ENGLISH speaking theater premiere!

Bridgin Drama ( presents A Loop for Two (Or Not Another Original Slovak Homemade Gibbet) on 28 February at 7 PM at Malá scéna STU, Dostojevského rad 7, Bratislava.

Slovak drama in English! The tragicomedy is bound to amuse ... and chill. The cast includes native speakers, professional and amateur actors, and English teachers. The story of love triangle and, particularly, of the inability to set oneself free from fear and chains.

Who wouldnt long for love, after all? Yet at what cost? What are we willing to sacrifice, how far are we ready to bend our back when someone seems to have something on us? Every era demands some fear, in one form or another. And fear can push even a righteous man, say, to the attic. Where is the line between a dream and reality? Keen to know the outcome? Come and see!

Adaptation: Zuzana Kolejakova
Translation and production: Lucia Faltin
Cast: Angie Horvathova, Nevena Popovic, Daniel Hall, Greg Fabian
Directed by: Vojtech Kolejak

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