AmCham Slovakia

slovak.AI contributed to the new forecast model Covid-19 released by the Health Ministry’s Health Policy Institute (IZP).

slovak.AI has activated more than 60 people interested in mathematical modeling and data analysis in cooperation with the Covid-19 dissemination situation modeling with the Institute of Health Policy of the Ministry of Health (IZP). 

Many of them working in an academic or corporate environment discussed with the IZP team of experts in an online meeting on how to improve the existing Covid-19 sulfur model. As part of the Memorandum of Cooperation between Slovak.AI and IZP, experts from both sides intensively discussed how to improve the predictive accuracy of the original IZP models.. Some have also developed their own models.

Slovak.AI is a platform that aims to help Slovakia model complex systems, which creates space to use the latest research and technology for predictions and policies in complex situations, such as Covid-19. Modern societies are built on the complex interaction of a wide range of infrastructures, institutions and technologies, and the complexity of their interconnection has increased dramatically in the recent past.

Slovak.AI involves more than 300 experts, including great mathematicians, data scientists, computer scientists, lawyers, economists, philosophers, psychologists, and experts from other disciplines. AmCham Slovakia is the founding member of the Slovak.AI together with ITAS and the Slovak Technical University.

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