AmCham Slovakia

The Business Center Postova 1 in Zilina, Slovakia, is the construction of the year!

The Poštová 1 business center in Žilina won two categories in the nationwide Construction of the Year 2019 competition - the Award for Extra Quality of Construction and the Award for the Application of Science and Research in the Design and Construction of a Building.

The first award that the Poštová 1 business center received at the prestigious competition is the Award for Extraordinary Quality of Construction. The overall design of the building, the emphasis on details, the quality of materials and the design of the indoor and outdoor work, as well as the leisure environment, were signed under this award.

The second prize is the Prize for the application of science and research in the design and construction of a building, where the jury was particularly interested in the architectural solution of the atrium roofing and modification of the existing skeleton, where an innovative and unique technology of lowering the ceilings was used.

The individual parts were raised and lowered to a new position, thus eliminating the height differences of the floors of the individual floors. In addition to making the premises more efficient, the lowering of the ceilings also significantly reduced the amount of waste and the consumption of new material on the construction site, which ultimately has a significant impact on the environment.
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