AmCham Slovakia


Patient-driven innovations in healthcare

We are glad to cooperate with the new leadership at Ministry of HealthCare that supports the development of data-driven, digital & personalized healthcare for the patient benefit. The meeting took place on August 13, 2020, in Bratislava.

HealthCare Policy 4.png

From left: Lukas Palaj (Digitalisation and Project Management– MZ SR), Peter Markotan (Personalized Healthcare Director-Roche), prof. Robert Hatala ( Head of Department of The National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases-NUSCH), Petra Zappe (Policy officer in AmCham Slovakia), Jana Jezikova (State Secretary – MZ SR), Stefan Korec (OnkoAliancia), Miriam Lapunikova (Director F. D. Roosevelt Hospital BB), Vladimir Micieta (Country Manager – Medtronic),  David Balla (Director General of Digitalisation and Project Management-MZ SR)