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Respected Slovak experts put their heads together and defined three engines of long-term growth potential for Slovakia

If Slovakia wants to successfully and effectively use European Union money to transform the economy with a view to long-term sustainable growth and higher quality of life for future generations, the Slovak government must clearly define a long-term vision for the next decade, which is a society-wide consensus.


Sixteen experts in the field of science, macroeconomics, and business, invited to an independent expert working group initiated by the American Chamber of Commerce in the Slovak Republic, created a preliminary draft of Slovakia's Vision 2030 and outlined the key engines of long-term sustainable economic growth. The presented document is the initial consensus of the signatories on how to make the most of the potential of our country in the context of global megatrends in order to increase the quality of life of the current generation but also future ones. The signatories addressed it to the President of the Slovak Republic Zuzana Čaputová, the Prime Minister of the Slovak Republic Igor Matovič, and the Minister of Finance of the Slovak Republic Eduard Heger.

The signatories have defined three main transformation engines of growth, elaborated in more detailed points, which have the ambition to get Slovakia among the Top 20 most competitive countries in the world:

  • EDUCATION - In 2030, Slovakia becomes an exporter of education, a country that educates and retains Slovak talents and attracts talents from Europe and the world
  • BUSINESS AND INVESTMENT - In 2030, Slovakia has at least a third of its GDP from other sources with high added value than in 2020
  • LIFE - Slovakia is a global magnet for its quality of life and is steadily at the forefront of this indicator

The initiative was also supported by the Association of Employers' Unions and Associations of the Slovak Republic (AZZZ SR), Klub 500, Podnikateľská aliancia Slovenska (PAS), Republiková únia zamestnávateľov (RUZ), The British Chamber of Commerce in the Slovak Republic, The Netherlands Chamber of Commerce in the Slovak Republic, Slovak - Austrian Chamber of Commerce, Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Slovakia, Italian - Slovak Chamber of Commerce.


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