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Ministry of Economy introduced “Business Package vol. 2

Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic introduced the so-called “Business Package vol. 2” (in SK language) as set of 469 measures to further mitigate negative effects of the pandemic on business environment and swiftly help eradicate high degree of bureaucracy for companies and entrepreneurs in Slovakia. 

The list of proposed measures is subject to further negotiations with employers, representatives of employees and other public stakeholders before entering into legislative process. Some of the proposed improvements of the business environment include:

  • end of “hard-copy” invoicing
  • VAT to be paid only after having received the payment from customer
  • higher flexibility for issuing work permits for citizens from outside the European Union
  • optional holiday vouchers
  • concessionary fees abolished for companies
  • introduction of general free business license
  • end of binding sectoral collective agreements for companies not being signatories of such treaties

AmCham Slovakia appreciates the fact that overall improvement of the business environment is one of the key priorities identified in the Government manifesto and expresses preparedness to discuss the proposed list of improvements.

Source: Ministry of Economy
Media Coverage: SME, Pravda, DennikN