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Details of employee COVID-19 testing in companies

Testing of employees and their family members directly in companies is recommended by the Ministry of Economy (MH) of the Slovak Republic, especially in operations where there are more than 250 employees at the workplace. 

If companies with a smaller number of employees are interested in testing, they must contact other companies to reach the required number. This follows from the draft MH manual for employers to perform testing of employees in the operations of companies for COVID-19 disease, which the ministry submitted to the government meeting on Wednesday. Companies will receive antigen tests from the state, protective equipment and waste disposal should be provided by themselves

Based on a contract with the company, the testing authority can be either an occupational health service, a mobile collection point, or a medical outpatient clinic. The test results are reported to the reporting system.

  1. Employers' participation in testing is voluntary.
  2. Testing in companies concerns companies with more than 250 employees. If companies with a smaller number of employees also want to be tested, they must merge with other companies to reach the required number.
  3. It will be possible to test not only employees but also their family members.
  4. The state will reimburse the employer an amount of EUR 3.50 for each citizen tested. This amount was calculated on the basis of data from a previous testing, in which the cost per tested citizen was calculated at EUR 3.46.
  5. Reimbursement of costs will be organized by the district offices in cooperation with the Ministry of Finance.
  6. The State shall make antigen tests available to employers. State material reserves will be issued through district offices. The relevant district office will issue the required number of antigen tests to the testing authority on behalf of the company. Unused tests must be returned on behalf of the business entity.
  7. The employer must find the testing authority himself. He will either cooperate with a mobile collection point, or with a doctor or medical center. However, medical personnel must be tested.


January 27, 2021 - The occupational health service can also test employees and their family members on the basis of a new contract with the company, as well as an employer who has a certified sampling point and has medical staff in accordance with the relevant legislation of the Public Health Office of the Slovak Republic. This follows from the submitted update of the manual of the Ministry of Economy (MH) SR for employers to perform testing of employees in the operations of companies for COVID-19 disease. Read more (in Slovak language)

The government has also approved that expenses for testing employees, their relatives and suppliers will be tax deductible. Expenses for testing employees or self-employed persons, their family members and suppliers will also be considered tax deductible expenses during a pandemic. Income for entitlement to the tax bonus for 2020 will also include pandemic aid from the state, although it is not taxed. Parliament has yet to approve the changes in a fast-track legislative procedure. Read more (in Slovak language)

Webinar: COVID-19 from the perspective of an epidemiologist and an infectologist (January 22, 2021)

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