AmCham Slovakia


AmCham calls for clear & predictable communication towards employers

AmCham Slovakia expresses its concern about the cancellation of the COVID-19 Emergency Task Force meeting on Thursday, March 11, as the direct result of the governmental coalition crisis. Such steps only further fuel the concerns of the private sector in regard to the lack of clear governmental communication of the potential COVID-19 related business restricting measures announced on February 26. 

AmCham continues to closely monitor these developments and maintains an open communication channel with affiliated employer associations, chambers of commerce and industry, as well as relevant public institutions.
We firmly believe that the introduction of a harsh economic lockdown would be detrimental to both short and long-term interests of the Slovak Republic and would be a cause of irreparable harm to the national economy. It needs to be stressed that only a strong economy can contribute to generating resources necessary for a functioning healthcare system. Finally, the American Chamber of Commerce strongly encourages its members to continue to observe the health and safety measures beyond the scope of the legal requirements.