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XTech Global Challenge in Artificial Intelligence

Our world is facing a rapid proliferation of data–with more and more data generated from an ever-growing number of data sources. With all of this data comes the promise of better, faster decision making but only if we can properly collect, process, interpret and present that data to those making decisions. 

The DoD is seeking robust, AI-enabled capabilities to manage, integrate, and process, and reason on disparate data/information sources for rapid decision making. This is particularly challenging due to severe constraints of resources such as computing power and bandwidth at the point of need. Of particular interest are the following AI/Machine Learning (ML) algorithms and software tools to enable data analytic capabilities in resource-constrained environments:

  • AI-enabled algorithms and services to rapidly assess availability of data and information sources and match the most relevant sources to end users based on user needs and available resources.
  • Multi-modal reinforcement learning algorithms and AI-enabled analytic software tools for disparate data types (e.g., video, over-the-air signals, passive sensor data, and open-source multimedia

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