AmCham Slovakia


We Stand behind the Brave

In AmCham, we believe that a functioning democracy based on the rule of law is a crucial pillar of a fair and stable business environment.

For many years we have been actively engaged in promoting principles of transparency and ethics, as well as in the fight against corruption.

For this reason, we have been a partner of We Stand behind the Brave campaign by Transparency International Slovakia, which aims to support honest public officials who report corruption in the public administration.

These people often face threats from their superiors, loneliness or ridicule. They fear that reporting corruption will lead to a negative reputation that will jeopardize their careers.

Together with other like-minded employers, we want to send a clear signal: For us, reporting corruption or unfair practices is a demonstration of professionalism, moral credit and courage. These are the qualities that are highly valued in our member companies.

Through the campaign, partner companies aim to help people who have lost their jobs as a result of protecting the public interest by helping them find a new job or mediate their participation in reskilling or personal counseling.

Currently, a brave person, with long-term experience in public control, administration and accounting, is looking for a job in the proximity of Ružomberok and Liptovský Mikuláš.

If you would be interested in this person’s story and able to offer a suitable position, let us know.

Or feel free to join the campaign as a partner here: