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Public call on synergy support of projects eligible for regional investment aid

The Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic launched a new public call synergy support of projects eligible for regional investment aid. Predominantly, the call is aimed at companies already receiving regional investment aid from public budget of the Slovak Republic in accordance with Law No. 57/2018 on regional investment aid.

The current call constitutes supplementary source of investment funding to allow for acquisition of both intangible (industry licenses, goodwill, know-how) and tangible assets (machinery, etc.) to streamline innovation-driven change in production. For more information, please refer directly to the webpage of the Ministry of Economy: (in SK language).

We also encourage interested AmCham member companies to participate on the online webinar dedicated to the above mentioned public call, which is scheduled for 13 May 2021 at 10 AM. The invitation is available on

For more details on general investment support schemes of the Slovak Republic and public funding opportunities for (not only) manufacturing industries, please navigate through the Investment aid webpage of the Ministry (in SK language):

Guide to the Regional Investment Aid 2021