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TOWNHALL KOŠICE: The private sector has the opportunity to cooperate more intensively with universities and innovation hubs

In the Košice region, more than € 360 million of EU funds will be invested in infrastructure and support for innovative professional community platforms that will accelerate the transfer of innovation to urban life, support the development of the knowledge economy and create new jobs in the region.

In addition to the traditional industry associated with the city, their aim is to move the region towards greener business with an orientation towards the creative industry and technology-oriented economy. Four specific projects also offer opportunities for close cooperation for the private sector. Companies and institutions can connect their teams with the academy and other experts and thus create a unique synergy to increase their competitiveness and create new jobs.

Representatives of the city of Košice, local universities, entrepreneurs, representatives of the non-profit sector and experts on regional development within the Townhall Košice event discussed specific cross-sector involvement in projects today.

"We appreciate that all stakeholders in the east of Slovakia at the level of the Košice self-governing region, the city, universities and the business and non-profit sector are aware of the importance and contribution of innovation to the strategic development of the region, companies and talent. Townhall Košice has the ambition to be an innovative platform for starting the interconnection of individual actors, sharing experiences and dialogue for innovations with an emphasis on active involvement of the private sector in the emerging innovative infrastructure," concluded Gabriel Galgóci, President of the American Chamber of Commerce in Slovakia.

"Innovation is a big topic. As part of the Regional Innovation Strategy of the Košice Region 2021+, we are creating the Innovation Center of the Košice Region (ICKK) following the example of the South Moravian Innovation Center in Brno. This should cover innovation and all actors involved in innovation into one living whole. This will pave the way for the emergence of a new sector of innovation, which can thus reach different areas of the economy. The goal is to generate higher GDP, new jobs and, of course, a higher quality of life," said Rastislav Trnka, chairman of the Košice self-governing region.

The Townhall Košice platform was organized by the American Chamber of Commerce in Slovakia with the support of CIPE (Center for International Private Enterprise) together with partners Creative Industry Košice, Košice 2.0, Pavol Jozef Šafárik University in Košice, Urban Innovative Actions and IT Valley Košice, Slovak Chamber of Commerce and Industry , The Technical University in Košice and UVP Technicom.

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