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Individual donation in a time of pandemic (public opinion poll)

The Advent period has traditionally brought a rich offer of public benefit projects, collections and charitable events. Many non-profits try to use this time of year to secure resources for their future activities, because it is a time that brings gratitude and respect among people. 

According to a public opinion poll conducted by InsightLab, 45 of Slovaks (regularly or occasionally) financially supported public benefit activities in 2021. In terms of a donor profile, women are more active (47), with age being the largest proportion of donors among middle-aged people ( 45 - 59 years). In Slovakia, the most frequent annual contribution to public benefit activities is in the range of 8 to 20 euros.

The amount of donations is also the only indicator in which we observe differences in comparison with the results from the Czech Republic where we observe a positive trend of donors moving to higher amounts of contributions. There are several criteria that are important for the development of donations in the country, and one of them is the trust that citizens have in organizations and projects that collect donations.

In this context, the survey revealed that up to 57 of Slovaks definitely believe and rather believe in the public sector as a whole. In 2021, the highest willingness of people to contribute goes to the areas of health (59), children and youth (46) and the environment (38). On the contrary, the areas in which Slovaks show the greatest reluctance to contribute financially are the development of the non-profit sector, leisure, culture and cultural monuments.

The public opinion survey monitored the impact of the pandemic on individual donations, especially in terms of changes in the amount of contributions provided and the expected financial support for public benefit activities over the next year. According to the results of the survey, up to 73 of Slovaks declared that they did not financially support any public benefit activity related to COVID-19. When asked whether the pandemic changed their financial support of the public sector, 50 of Slovaks answered that they donate approximately the same amount as before the pandemic and 6 said that they donate more than before the pandemic. In terms of future development, 63 of Slovaks said that their support for public benefit activities will not change in the next year.

Public opinion poll was conducted by InsightLab in November 2021 in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. For more information or detailed public poll report, please contact Lenka Ilanovska at
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