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CMS Expert Guide to employment termination law and legislation

The CMS Expert Guide to Dismissals has been created to assist an employer in anticipating all the possible courses of events when the decision has been made to terminate an employee (i.e. end an employment contract) or dismiss a managing director.

This Guide gives an overview of potential termination procedures for both employees (described in this first part of the Guide) and managing directors (described in the second part). In these pages, CMSs international clients can find summaries of local laws, which are now easy to compare and contrast across jurisdictions thanks to the new comparison feature found in the CMS expert guides platform.

To access the part related to Slovakia, click here: Employment termination law in Slovakia | CMS Expert Guides

To access information on other jurisdictions, click here and select a country: Employment termination law and legislation | CMS Expert Guides

For more information, please contact: Soňa Hanková, Partner, CMS Slovakia