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Prosperity Index of Slovakia

Index introduced by Slovenská sporiteľňa on 22 August 2023 defined five critical categories, shining lighter on the “state of affairs in Slovakia” and suggest ways for further economic growth in near future. 

In key areas such as Economy, Society, Households, Education and Sustainability the index compares position of Slovakia with other EU member states, leaving other countries apart. The EU membership itself defines a favorable position for Slovakia to rank amongst the TOP 25 % of the wealthiest economies of the world, however the index clearly demonstrates Slovakia has stopped converging vis-à-vis EU liberal democracies and is lagging behind in all monitored areas. Overall Slovakia is ranked 23rd out of 27 EU member states. Read more details (in Slovak language) on the webpage of Slovenská sporiteľňa.

Slovenská sporiteľňa, a.s.