AmCham Slovakia


Rule of Law & Human Capital

The rule of law forms the cornerstone of a stable and just society. A robust legal framework not only instills confidence among citizens and businesses, but also attracts foreign investments, spurring economic growth. 

Upholding the rule of law ensures equal protection and opportunities for all, fostering a sense of trust, stability, and transparency that further strengthens the nation's social fabric. Likewise, human capital in Slovakia is a critical asset that underpins the nation's economic and social development. With a well-educated and skilled workforce, Slovakia has the potential to drive innovation and attract foreign investments, contributing to sustained economic growth. As Slovakia grapples with demographic shifts and global competition, it is imperative to recognize that the retention of its youthful talent pool is a fundamental catalyst for progress.

Together with our 14 partner organizations, we drafted position papers on the topics of Rule of Law and Human Capital available for download at the bottom of this page and presented them to the wider expert community on 5 September 2023. At the pre-election policy talks, we asked candidates from relevant democratic political parties about their views on these critically important topics for the future of Slovakia.

Documents to download: