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Become a partner of the 11th annual Girls' Day event

Organized by ‘Aj Ty v IT’, with the cooperation and support of AmCham Slovakia, 'Girls' Day 2024' aims to raise awareness among young women about the opportunities available in the IT sector for education, employment, and entrepreneurship. Participants will gain insights from real-life experiences shared by professionals in IT companies and universities.

As a part of the international 'Girls in ICT Day', the primary objective is to inspire and empower more girls to pursue careers in ICT, a field where their representation remains disproportionately low. This initiative serves as a catalyst for narrowing the gender gap within the tech industry.

For more details about the event and partnership opportunities, you can download the PDF below or access it here. Upon confirmation of your partnership, we will provide comprehensive information on event logistics, program details, and any necessary documentation.

Feel free to reach out to AmCham or ‘Aj Ty v IT’ for further information.


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