AmCham Slovakia


AmCham meeting with Parliamentary Committee on European Affairs

AmCham Slovakia, represented by Martina Slabejova, Peter Rusiňák, and Tomas Jucha, recently met with Mr. Ján Ferenčák, the chair of National Council Committee on European Affairs to discuss European policies that have a significant impact on the quality of business as well as the standard of living and available public and private services in Slovakia. 

Legislative proposals coming from the European Union or currently being finalized will affect our lives in various areas such as our economy, education, infrastructure, the quality of healthcare, or the digital transformation of our society.

Especially in the latter topic, we discussed the potential, possibilities and overall readiness of Slovakia for the challenges that the digital transformation brings for cities, regions, but also for businesses and citizens as such. For example, the topic and impact of artificial intelligence is no longer a topic only for a narrow circle of experts, but is increasingly resonating in wider society. It is therefore necessary to actively grasp the opportunities that this technology provides and together help to prepare Slovakia and its society for the coming challenges and minimize the risks associated with it.

AmCham actively participates in these discussions through its expert committees composed of its members. From developing numerous proposals to ensuring their proper and, most importantly, beneficial implementation, AmCham strives to be involved in the developments in this field. Success hinges on open communication, incorporating the voices of all relevant stakeholders. Therefore, we value Mr. Ján Ferenčák's constructive and pro-innovation approach in building a more future-proof and resilient country.