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Empowering Excellence: Welcoming Martin Zúbek as Audit Partner at BDO

BDO proudly announces the appointment of Martin Zúbek as our newest partner within the Audit Division. This strategic addition underscores our unwavering dedication to excellence and our ongoing quest to enhance client service.

Bringing over 15 years of extensive experience in overseeing large-scale audit projects, including spearheading digitization agenda and audit quality, Martin Zúbek is primed to provide exemplary leadership to our audit division. As he aptly states, "We are one team and only together we can do great things!" We fully share this view and are convinced that this joint move will open new opportunities for the development of our audit team and our services. Martin's arrival fills us with immense enthusiasm, reinforcing our belief in the power of collective effort.

“The decision to become a partner in BDO is a logical step in my career path. On the other hand, it is also a tremendous challenge that I take very seriously. I am an analytical person, but the decision to take this career step with BDO was not at all about numbers or facts. I have had many conversations during which I carefully perceived the values, goals, atmosphere, communication style, and especially the "BDO energy." When the time came to decide, I was sure that BDO is the right place where I want to work as a partner. I must add that since I made this decision, every subsequent interaction with people from BDO has reinforced that I made the right choice.”

Martin Zúbek, Audit Partner BDO

Under the leadership of Martin Zubek, we are increasing our commitment to providing excellent services to our clients. Rest assured, we are fully equipped and committed to meeting your needs with heightened dedication and expertise.

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