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Bebbo - parenting support app in Slovakia

UNICEF recently launched Bebbo, UNICEF’s parenting support app in Slovakia – making it the 15th country where the app is available.

t is a great, evidence-based support tool for parents of children between 0 and 6 years old, which contains hundreds of practical tips on health, nutrition, early-childhood education, and more. The launch was endorsed by the Ministries of Health and Education, and was the result of months of hard work in partnership with the Slovak Association of Pediatricians, whose dedicated team of experts adapted Bebbo to the Slovak context.

Bebbo is your pocket partner in parenthood, from the moment your child baby is born to the first day of school. Discover the most complete parenting app giving you all the tools and expert advice you need in just one App to support your child’s growth development and development growth from birth to age 6!

Personalize this app to access daily toddler games, parent advice and tips on taking care of your child’s and your own well-being. Navigate easily between multiple child profiles and receive advice tailored to each child’s development needs age and development needs age.

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