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Exclusive webinar with Ludovit Odor: Key Measures to Support the Economy and Financial System

Friday, Apr 03, 2020 From 11:00 to 12:00


  • What could be done at present in order to decrease this uncertainty both by politicians and public sector in general?
  • What is the currently expected GDP drop for Slovakia and Eurozone in optimistic, baseline and pessimistic scenarios?
  • How big fiscal stimuli will Slovakia need in all three scenarios? Who will need the stimulus the most? Businesses or households?
  • By how much we can comfortably increase our debt so that we can sell or debt on the markets and meet our obligations in  the future?
  • What can monetary policy do to prop up the  economy?
  • Under current circumstances what can be done in order to maintain ability of the private sector to serve its debt?
  • Will the financial sector be this time a part of the crisis solution or a problem again?
  • Is Slovakia and Eurozone this time better prepared to handle the current crisis than in 2008 or in 2011? How about the developed world? Do we have enough of wealth to see the crisis through?
  • What model or lesson of history can we use for the current situation? Are we doomed for improvising and confusion?


  • Ľudovít Ódor, Vice-governor of the NBS


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