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HBRP Webinar: The Real Business of Blockchain

HBRP Webinar: Facts, Truth, Dataviz

Thursday, Jun 18, 2020 From 14:00 to 14:45

in cooperation with Harvard Business Review Press

How do you know if the chart you’re looking at is right or wrong, truth or lies, or facts or propaganda?

Chances are, you’ve looked at a chart recently. What did it mean? How did it make you feel?

HBR Live: Facts, Truth, DatavizWe live in info-rich times and visualization is our most powerful tool for making sense of all the data that washes over us. Like any tool, it can be used skillfully or recklessly. It can be weaponized. How do you know if the chart you’re looking at is right or wrong, truth or lies, or facts or propaganda?

On 18 June, we will be joined by Scott Berinato, author of Good Charts and resident dataviz expert at Harvard Business Review, as he explores the manipulation of data visualization, and helps us understand what happens in our brains when a chart hits our eyes and why it matters. With dozens of visual examples and engaging stories, Berinato will help you make sense of your own interactions with dataviz and help you develop your data visual literacy along the way.

Scott Berinato is the author of Good Charts and Good Charts Workbook, and a self-described dataviz geek who loves finding visual solutions to information challenges. In addition to speaking frequently on the topic, he also helps companies and individuals up their game with data visualization and information design. He also loves words, and is a senior editor at Harvard Business Review, where he contributes on all platforms: the magazine, website and other digital platforms, and on books. Watch Scott talk about storytelling with data at


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