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How Mindsets Shape our Organizations, Lives, and Society

Friday, Jan 19, 2024 From 09:30 to 12:00

Jurkovičova Tepláreň, Bottova 1, Bratislava



Where do our mindsets come from and how do they impact our personal life, professional life, health, and relationships? Inspired by high-quality peer-reviewed scientific findings, we will find out how we can improve by leveraging mindsets to motivate adaptive behaviors. Effective work with mindsets is not about false positivity or that we necessarily believe that anyone can be Albert Einstein. We will explore how changes in subjective mindsets and social context can alter objective reality through behavioral, psychological, and physiological mechanisms. More specifically, you will understand in detail how mindsets can be deliberately changed through different interventions to affect organizational behavior and individual performance, well-being, quality of interpersonal relationships, and societal health.


At the workshop you will find out:

  • What Shapes Our Mindsets and their Key Functions
  • How Effective Work with Mindsets is Not About False Positivity
  • The myth of the “Growth Mindset”
  • How Mindsets Impact our Attention, Behavior, Motivation, Feelings, and Physiology
  • Designing Organizational Interventions to More Effectively Harness Mindsets Influence

  • Olívia Hurbanová, Chief Thought Provoker, HighBrõws
  • Lenka Staňová, Training & Development Specialist, Henkel Slovensko
  • Matej Kucek, Chief Chaos Coordinator, HighBrõws

Language: Slovak


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