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Process automation: facts, myths and the impact of AI on the future of RPA

Process automation: facts, myths and the impact of AI on the future of RPA

Thursday, Apr 11, 2024 From 09:00 to 11:00

HubHub, Twin City C, Mlynské nivy 16, Bratislava

Business Breakfast


At the heart of digital transformation, robotization stands as a keystone for innovation, allowing to streamline processes and reduce costs.

Join us at our upcoming Business Breakfast to discover how you can:

  • Align RPA initiatives with your strategic business goals,
  • Ensure spending reduction,
  • Increase ROI by selecting the optimal solutions for process automation,
  • Manage change and strengthen employee motivation to support process automation,
  • Foster a culture that embraces RPA across your organization.
  • Discover best practices for implementing RPA in organizations to drive business growth. 

Explore how RPA and AI will evolve in the future, and how they can impact your company.

The event will kick off with an insightful introduction based on the experience of Sii and SAIO by ING, followed by an engaging discussion panel with the process automation experts.


8:30 – Registration, Refreshments, and Kick-off  

9:00 – Presentation on Process Automation: Facts, Myths, and the Impact of AI on the Future of RPA  

9:30 – Panel Discussion  

10:40 – Networking and Refreshments  

Please note that experts from Sii and SAIO will be available post-event for additional networking opportunities and to answer any further queries attendees may have.

Looking forward to sparking insightful conversations and uncovering new perspectives together. Join us to navigate the transformative journey of robotization and its pivotal role in shaping the future of business. See you there!


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