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Rule of Law Initiative

rule_of_law_logo.png The business community closely monitors and comments on issues of the rule of law in Slovakia. Fourteen business associations, employers' associations, and chambers of commerce have launched a joint initiative through which the business community wants to respond professionally to the deteriorating state of justice, fight corruption and promote a transparent and systematic legislative process in Slovakia. 

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Main areas of the initiative:

1. Transparency and predictability of the legislative process

Within this area, the business coalition deals with issues of a systematic approach to communication with representatives of the business environment, issues of impact studies and clauses of impacts on the business environment, but also issues of interdepartmental comment proceedings, parliamentary proposals and legislation and transposition of European legislation and Slovak national position. to European legislation.

2. Corruption as a negative and harmful factor for the "Slovakia brand"

Slovakia has long been one of the countries with the highest level of perception of corruption, which has a major impact on business costs, negatively affects the "Slovak brand" and discourages potential investors. The Entrepreneurship Initiative, therefore, identifies barriers to entrepreneurship that create the potential for corruption. At the same time, it will run a campaign to the inside of the business sector, as well as to the public, to highlight the consequences of corruption in people's daily lives.

3. Transparent and effective justice as a solid basis for domestic and foreign investors

Effective and transparent justice is considered by entrepreneurs to be the basis of a stable and predictable business environment. The very long duration of litigation in Slovakia limits the investment opportunities of companies, as funds are reserved for court proceedings.