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The number of business centers' employees increased by 5.5 percent, especially in the area of IT services

The sector of business services in Slovakia, despite the crisis, has remained a stable pillar of the Slovak economy. It continues to operate without significant restrictions while maintaining productivity, with more than a quarter of companies increasing their productivity even more over the last 18 months. 

In terms of the number of employees, the industry grew by 5.5 percent (2020) and more than a half of centers expect a further increase of headcount due to the growth of the centers within next 12 months. The vast majority of employees in the sector continued to work remotely during the summer. The hybrid model of work is expected to dominate in the years to come, as the pandemic has accelerated digitization and companies have no ambition to return to the way they operated before the pandemic outbreak. This follows-up on the annual survey conducted by AmCham´s Business Service Center Forum in August 2021 amongst 34 business centers representing the segment of almost 36,000 high skilled employees with average monthly brutto salary €1900.

Business centers continue to play a leading role in changing the nature of how we work - the trend for the coming years is hybrid work, ie a combination of work from home and office, most often a model of 1-2 days in the office and 3-4 days of work from home or full flexibility according to the needs of teams.

Read more in BSCF press release - 30 September 2021 (SK language)


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