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Slovakia on the global stage – recommendations to the public administration

From the societal and economic perspective, Slovakia has recorded a steady decline in all relevant global indicators and indexes over the past few years, including reports from the European Commission, OECD statistics, the Global Competitiveness Index by the World Economic Forum, and the Rule of Law Index. 

We are a country caught in the trap of middle income countries with an insufficient economic model and weak growth to continue in economic convergence towards at least the average of the European Union.

Dynamic technological and societal changes present our country with major challenges that demand responses from the private as well as the public sector. High levels of digitalization and automatization of processes, applied AI, or the impacts of climate change will exert great pressure on systems of education, healthcare, or transport, but also on doing business or on public services. The quality of human capital and stability and predictability of the business environment will be of key importance if Slovakia is to manage this transformation, and ideally use it to increase its competitiveness. Economies of the near future, thriving in the global competition for talent and investments, will be fueled by innovations that will reshape traditional economic models to become more intelligent, sustainable and greener. Slovakia is part of global changes propelled by technological developments erasing existing barriers and changing environmental conditions defining the quality of life of future generations.

That is why, as representatives of a broad coalition of domestic and foreign employers in Slovakia – ranging from regional micro companies to the largest employers in the country - we call on representatives of political parties to put the essential needs of the Slovak Republic as a country with a high quality of life and a stable business environment above the particular interests of individuals or interest groups. We urge them to recognize that restoring Slovakia’s position in global competition requires a dramatic change in economic policy and the overall management of the country – responsible governments invest in research and development, the skills of future generations, work positions of higher quality, thus defining an ambitious vision of the state supported by social consensus, and apply innovative regulations based on the principles of simplicity, comprehensibility, transparency and flexibility. As representatives of the business sphere, committed to the creation of fundamental economic values and resources for the state budget, we are ready to contribute to this process to the fullest extent possible and thus become partners of public institutions in transforming Slovakia into a modern, efficient and competitive country.

This is why AmCham Slovakia, together with its partners, diligently crafted set of recommendations for the public administration, which will govern Slovakia after the parliamentary elections 2023. Please find our recommendations and solutions for an increased competitiveness of the Slovak economy in several key areas, including Health Care, Education, Labor Market, Digitalization and Innovations, Rule of Law and Beneficial Ownership Transparency.

Documents to download:

Rule of Law & Human Capital

Digitalization and Innovation

Health Care

Beneficial Ownership Transparency

Eastern Slovakia´s Potential