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Trade and investment

The Need for a Future Employment Plan

(by Ivan Štefanec)

Throughout history, economies have adapted to technologies while accelerating their development. Companies that managed to combine these two areas have always succeeded. Those that did not, became defunct. Today, we are standing at the threshold of widespread change, the extent of which is difficult to imagine, yet it is our obligation to be prepared. Digitalization and Industry 4.0 will revolutionize the world of work and children at school today will work in professions that do not exist today. The role of EU and national politicians will be to facilitate the acquisition of skills needed for working in the future labor market. Fundamental reform of the education process is needed. Information will no longer be so important, as internet access becomes universal. The ability to separate, process and compare information will become a crucial skill and how fast these skills can be taught will be vital. Education can no longer be a closed system that we enter and leave after a few years with an academic degree. Society is evolving so rapidly that lifetime learning of new skills will be a necessity.

Slovakia – a source of talented and highly-motivated people

(by Michael Petersen)

Michael Petersen, Vice President Global Business Services at Adient, spoke about the company’s Bratislava Business Center (BBC) that celebrates its 10th anniversary this year.

The Dark Side of the Cloud

(by )

The new Cloud on the horizon has received lots of attention recently. It allows companies to expand, bring more value to their customers, decrease IT costs, and react quicker to market needs. And of course, everything is secure, which is proven by certificates from well-known audit and professional bodies, so everybody is advised to use it, i.e. private, public, local and multinational organizations. Is this one-size-fits-all approach suitable and does it meet everyone’s requirements? 

Moving beyond “moderate innovator”

(by Peter Kolesár)

For most of his professional career, Peter Kolesár, CEO of Neulogy and a member of the AmCham Board of Directors, has been involved in helping Slovak startups and innovative ideas make it to the big stage. Although his extensive experience from abroad enables him to see all the shortcomings of the current situation in Slovakia, he remains optimistic about the innovation potential of the country and its future development. 

What do you need to know when having a suit tailored?

(by Patrik Tomeš)

Tailoring a suit that fits perfectly is not something just anybody can do. Why? Miriam Lisová, the co-owner of Marco Mirelli, through whose hands thousands of garments have passed, gives us the answers.