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Women in Business | Women in IT

Women in Business | Women in IT

Thursday, Apr 25, 2019 From 16:00 to 21:00

Východoslovenská galéria, Hlavná 110/27

Social & business event for all women in business, female professionals and entrepreneurs.



15:30    Registration
16:00    Welcome

  • Ronald Blaško, Executive Director, AmCham Slovakia

16:10    Keynote Remarks

  • Zuzana Tkáčová, Teacher of the Year, Aj Ty v IT

16:20    Panel Discussion #1 - Women in leadership: better world, better business

  • Gabriel Galgóci, President of AmCham, Slovakia Country General Manager & Director Client Network Operations Management AT&T (Moderator)
  • Veronika Špaňárová, Chief Executive Officer in Slovakia,  Citibank Europe plc.
  • Martina Kaprálová, General Manager Procurement, U. S. Steel Košice
  • Slávka Kollárová, Founder, INSPIO

17:20     Coffee Break
17:40     Keynote Speech

  • Zuzana Palovič, Founder of Global Slovakia

18:00     Panel Discussion #2 - Gender neutrality of technology:  Wishful thinking or reality?

  • Pavol Miroššay, Executive Director, Košice IT-Valley (Moderator)
  • Zuzana Zvolenská, Senior Specialist Human Resources, AT&T
  • Lenka Zajacová, Head of team Project management Telekom IT, Lead of Diversity program, T-System Slovakia
  • Veronika Heidecker, Tech Support Engineer, Progress Software

19:00    Closing Remarks

  • Ronald Blaško, Executive Director, AmCham Slovakia
  • Pavol Miroššay, Executive Director, Košice IT-Valley

19:10    Coffee Break

19:30     Workshops

  • Psychological aspects of being a business woman – self-awareness as a key to work-life balance, by Daniela Sovinec, Maximy
  • Diversity bears fruit by SUVko Coaching

20:30     Cocktail

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