AmCham Slovakia


Townhall Meetings Initiative

Townhall Meeting Prešov 8/10/2020


AmCham is making things happen in our regions! Virtually all key regional development stakeholders including Deputy Minister of Regional Development Vladimír Ledecký, Chairman of the Self-Governing Region Milan Majerský, Mayor of the City of Prešov Mrs. Andrea Turčanová, and Deputy Mayor Vladimír Feľbaba, have met today with the AmCham representatives and senior officials of AmCham's regional members, as well as the representatives of academia at the first-of-its-kind Townhall Meeting in Prešov.

Regional stakeholders have outlined the areas of cooperation across public, private, and academic sectors in an effort to make Prešov and the region become a magnet for talent and innovation. The new platform for dialogue is ready to meet regularly to implement more specific steps inspired by the Vision Slovakia 2030: to enhance education, business environment, and quality of life in East Slovakia.


Photo: Peter Contos, Promiseo & Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions Slovakia