AmCham Slovakia


Regional Business Community

AmCham Slovakia represents a diverse group of members who collectively contribute to the business landscape of Slovakia.

Within our diverse membership, we proudly include businesses that are deeply rooted in the Eastern Slovakia region. These companies have embraced the local essence, understanding the unique needs and challenges of the region. Their steadfast commitment contributes to the region's ongoing growth and development.

However, what makes our regional membership truly fascinating is the group of companies that originally focused their operations on the bustling heart of Bratislava. After years of successful ventures in the capital, these enterprising businesses recognized the untapped potential of Eastern Slovakia. In a bold display of adaptability and vision, they expanded their horizons, setting up new branches and offices in this dynamic region. Their actions showcase a spirit of innovation, an unwavering pursuit of fresh opportunities, and a dedication to nurturing the thriving landscape of Eastern Slovakia.

In essence, AmCham Slovakia, with two decades of experience in the region, is a community where traditional, modern, and evolving members come together, leaving a lasting impact on the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Slovakia.