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Women in Business - The pandemic has further intensified the demand for flexibility and a culture without prejudices

The current pandemic has brought even more uncertainty to the workplace and worsened the employment position of women, as the burden of employment increased in addition to rising unemployment in the form of unpaid work with regard to the care of children and family members. Employers, experts, and public officials discussed modern trends, opportunities, and challenges during a pandemic and how the support of women's talent works at the Digital Conference Women in Business, organized on Thursday by the American Chamber of Commerce in Slovakia.

Employers are trying to provide more flexibility
It is flexibility, the approach of a superior, and a corporate culture without prejudices that are the decisive factor in making the employer an attractive choice for a woman. Concerns about the imbalance between work and family women are often prevented from stepping on more demanding job challenges and engaging in higher job management. It is often a great challenge for women to find a full-fledged job appropriate to their education after maternity / parental leave.

In order for women to work better in the workplace, it helps the changing approach of managers and a more inclusive corporate culture that gives room for diversity of approaches and thinking.

A more cultured approach to women is also an important motivator for women to become more realized and engaged in public life. Because they are often confronted with the fact that they are more perceived through their own appearance, the last discussion block of the conference focused on the topic of beauty bias. Panelists discussed how a person's appearance can affect an employee's career, whether in a positive or negative way direction and whether managers subconsciously evaluate the potential, quality, and perspective of their work employees also on the basis of their attractiveness/appearance.

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