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Our Connection magazine, published quarterly, informs you about AmCham's latest activities and events. Each issue is dedicated to a different topic and it also serves as a unique platform to share your opinions, expert knowledge or professional experience.

It is distributed free of charge to all member companies as well as to government authorities, international organizations and embassies located in Slovakia. You can also pick up the latest issue at our events.

Pillars of Good Society


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Magazine issues:

2022-4 / Pillars of Good Society 2022-3 / Regional Development 2022-2 / Innovation in the Digital Age 2022-1 / Human Capital: Education and Labor 2021-4 / Pillars of Good Society 2021-3 / Regional Development

The Directory of Members presents an overview of all AmCham member companies in printed form. Updated annually, it offers detailed descriptions of the main business activities of all member companies and organizations along with the contact information.




Slovakia in Figures


One of the most significant roles of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Slovak Republic is to develop activities that contribute to supporting the influx of foreign investment to Slovakia. AmCham Slovakia is keenly aware that there is still excellent, untapped potential in the promotion of the country.

AmCham Slovakia, in cooperation with ECENTER, annualy published the "Slovakia in Figures" brochure. Therefore we offer assistance in the promotion of the Slovak Republic as a country with huge investment potential. This brochure provides you with information on a great variety of aspects of the Slovak Republic. Including the geographical, economic, social, political, and financial areas.

All AmCham members are able to download "Slovakia in Figures" brochure in PDF file. You can also order more copies of this publication in print form.


Slovakia in Figures 2021

Format: pdf, size: 1.34 MB



Format: pdf, size: 0.62 MB


Slovakia in Figures 2020

Format: pdf, size: 2.24 MB


Slovakia in Figures 2019

Format: pdf, size: 2.46 MB


Slovakia in Figures 2018

Format: pdf, size: 2.77 MB


Slovakia in Figures 2017

Format: pdf, size: 3.16 MB


Slovakia in Figures 2016

Format: pdf, size: 3.14 MB


Slovakia in Figures 2015

Format: pdf, size: 8.20 MB


Slovakia in Figures 2013/2014

Format: pdf, size: 5.13 MB


Slovakia in Figures 2012/2013

Format: pdf, size: 3.51 MB


Slovakia in Figures 2011/2012

Format: pdf, size: 1.85 MB


Slovakia in Figures 2010

Format: pdf, size: 1.42 MB


Advertising opportunities

Advertising opportunities

Prices are valid for all AmCham members. Advertising opportunities are also available to Non-Members, an additional 20% is charged in addition to the listed prices.

We offer various forms of inserts for €500:

  • Flyer – an ad (maximum size: one page) inserted in the magazine.
  • Postcard – advertisement in the form of a postcard, which can be torn-out and mailed.
  • Sticker – advertisement in the form of a sticker inserted into the magazine.
  • Band – advertisement in the form of a band wrapped around the magazine.
Clients are responsible for the design of advertisements. Materials (text in English) must be submitted in electronic form as printing PDF (cmyk) + 3mm bleed

Please submit all materials to:




4 issues

Centerfold (420x297mm)
1700 €
6000 €
Back cover
1200 € 4500 €
Inside cover
1000 € 3500 €
Full page
600 € 2000 €
1/2 page
350 € 1200 €
1/4 page
200 € 750 €


Editorial guidelines

These guidelines are for authors of articles and explain our editorial requirements:

  • All materials must be submitted in English.
  • Avoid industry jargon because the magazine has a diverse readership. Remain objective and avoid first person narrative (I/we).
  • Before publishing an article, we always ask for your authorization due to the fact that during the editorial process, native English proofreaders and editors revise and polish the submitted text. While expert in English usage, they are not subject matter experts.
Required structure of submitted articles:
  1. An interesting HEADLINE (max. 5 words) that provokes interest in the article.
  2. A brief INTRODUCTION (30-50 words) introduces the reader to the topic.
  3. CORE TEXT (800 words including pictures/figures or 900 words without pictures/figures).
  • SUB-SECTIONS introduced by short sub-headlines that make the text easier to read.
  • CONCLUSION wraps up the topic.
4. AUTHOR’S SIGNATURE & PHOTO: name, title and a small portrait photo of the author.

Types of contributions:

Member News

Short press release (150-250 words) with the latest news. Free of charge for AmCham members only.

  • Headline: 5 words
  • Text: max. 250 words
  • Pictures welcome
  • Company Logo

Paid interview

 Interview with company CEO or other company representative on one or two pages. Price: €500 / page

  • Headline: 5 words
  • Intro: 30-50 words
  • Short biography and portrait picture
  • Text: 800 words
  • Company Logo

Paid article

 An article promoting the company, its activities or services on one or two pages. Price: €500 / page

  • Headline: 5 words
  • Intro: 30-50 words
  • Text: 800-900 words
  • Pictures welcome
  • Company Logo
  • Author’s info (Name, Position, Profile picture)

Expert Article

 An objective article discussing the topic of the particular issue. No mention of the company or its services in the text. One page free of charge.

  • Headline: 5 words
  • Intro: 30-50 words
  • Text: 800-900 words
  • Pictures welcome
  • Company Logo
  • Author’s info (Name, Position, Profile picture)

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