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Corporate Responsibility & Philanthropy

Corporate Social Responsibility and Philanthropy at MetLife Amslico

(by Patrik Tomeš)

Prepared by AmCham member: MetLife Amslico

MetLife Amslico (Amslico poisťovňa – Alico, a.s.) has been a leading life insurer in the Slovak market since 1995. The company’s prominent position was confirmed once again this year when it received the “Insurance Company of the Year“ award from TREND, the leading independent financial weekly.

Can a company be competitive with open source software?

(by Patrik Tomeš)

Prepared by AmCham member: Comsultia

Open source software is a specific type of software that enables further modification and distribution as defined by a public license. A lot has been written about the advantages and disadvantages it brings clients, but what about the technology company itself?

The new look of the AmCham website:

(by Patrik Tomeš)

Prepared by AmCham members: Lighting Beetle, Comsultia

The American Chamber of Commerce in Slovakia is all about connecting people, providing information, and promoting advocacy. None of this would be possible without top class communication channels, one of which has recently been completely rethought and renewed – the AmCham Slovakia website.

The visit of the U.S. Ambassador to the Technical University in Košice

(by Patrik Tomeš)

In early November, U.S. Ambassador to Slovakia Theodore Sedgwick visited the Technical University in Košice and the specialized Computer Networks Laboratory there which is part of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics. Ambassador Sedgwick wanted to learn more about the work of the Technical University and especially the Computer Networks Laboratory which is pioneering a number of innovative programs to better prepare future IT professionals both in Slovakia and beyond.

Renting a car makes sense AVIS knows about this

(by Patrik Tomeš)

Prepared by AmCham member: AVIS

AVIS is the most successful company in the car rental market and holds its position thanks to its fleet.

Sustainability Reporting Tips - The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

(by Patrik Tomeš)

Prepared by AmCham member: PwC

Customers, investors and NGOs are pushing for information about companies’ sustainability performance and it has become a real challenge for companies to respond efficiently and effectively. For multinational companies, it is also a challenge to report information that is based on consistent data from across the organization.

Service and Learning: Secondary Students investing to learn and make a difference

(by Patrik Tomeš)

Prepared by AmCham member: QSI Bratislava

“Wake up, everyone! We’re in Skopje!” My closest friends shuffled out of the dusty train cabin and into the crammed hallway to meet our two Habitat for Humanity team leaders: Mrs. Szeryk and Mrs. Lewis; who were way too chipper and upbeat for such an early morning. After almost 30 hours of hearing the monotone clacking of train tracks, we had finally made it to our destination.

Helping others thrive: The British International School Bratislava, Nord Anglia Education

(by Patrik Tomeš)

Prepared by AmCham member: The British International School Bratislava

“The total corporate social responsibility of business entails the simultaneous fulfilment of the firm’s economic, legal, ethical and philanthropic responsibilities. Stated in more pragmatic and managerial terms, the CSR firm should strive to make a profit, obey the law, be ethical, and be a good corporate citizen.” Carroll, A.B. (1991) ‘The pyramid of corporate social responsibility: towards the moral management of organizational stakeholders’, Business Horizons, July-August: 39-48

Having responsibility in our corporate DNA

(by Patrik Tomeš)

Prepared by AmCham member: U. S. Steel Košice

Since its foundation, the steelmaking plant in Košice has been one of the most important companies and employers in Eastern Slovakia, predetermined to be a leader of regional support and development. The U. S. Steel Corporation acquired the company in 2000, having 100 years of responsible business activity driven by the Gary Principles behind it in the USA, including corporate philanthropy. In Slovakia our key values have not changed; on the contrary, they are the guarantee of long-term success for all of us. Within the charity programs in Slovakia, we focus on supporting local programs that comply with our mission and values.

Did September’s amendment to the Labor Code meet companies’ expectations?

(by Patrik Tomeš)

Prepared by AmCham member: Accace

The amendment to the Labor Code was one of the most anticipated changes among employers this year. Managers of Slovak companies were clamouring for the new Labor Code to enhance the flexibility of employment relations. They called for less stringent conditions of hiring and dismissal, more flexible working hours and overtime, among other modifications. Did the legislators succeed in delivering effective tools? The recent results of a survey by Accace capture the initial mood and experiences of CEOs and HR managers at companies in Slovakia.

Ernst & Young Community Day

(by Patrik Tomeš)

Prepared by AmCham member: Ernst & Young

It’s Friday. A sunny morning in September. The road is wet from recent rain and there’s a rainbow in the sky. I’m in my car driving to work. Soon I’m joined by 120 of my colleagues, all of them volunteers. Today we have a lot of work ahead of us; our presence is eagerly awaited in seven non-profit organizations.

Evaluation of the year 2011

(by Patrik Tomeš)

Dear Readers and AmCham Members, Happy Holidays! And a blessed, healthful and prosperous 2012! It certainly has been a busy and productive year at AmCham Slovakia!

Throughout the past year, AmCham Slovakia has concentrated on advancing its role
of providing a platform for communication among its member companies and various
government and state bodies, as well as advocating its members’ interests. Reflecting
on our main goals for 2011, we have substantially increased our focus on policy and
advocacy activities and strengthened our relations with the Slovak government and
public institutions through a great variety of approaches.