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Corporate Responsibility & Philanthropy

Philanthropy and CSR: a matter of lifestyle

(by Patrik Tomeš)

Letter to members by Lucia Faltinová, Executive Director of the Slovak Donors Forum and Deputy Chairperson of the Slovak Government Council on Human Rights, Ethnic Minorities
and Gender Equality.

Next year will mark a quarter century since Slovakia opened up to inward and outward exploration to new people, ideas, and practices. The degree to which we are open varies as openness largely depends on human nature and tradition. Undoubtedly, our windows of opportunity are wide open. We should only doubt our open mind as a matter of growing in our human endeavor.

The haves should share with the have-nots

(by Patrik Tomeš)

Prepared by AmCham member: Eset

After 18 years, Miroslav Trnka withdrew from the management of ESET, a successful company well known for its anti-virus system NOD. He then refocused more on not-for-profit activities. He explains his stance on philanthropy, charity and CSR.

SlovakAid: Helping is our obligation

(by Patrik Tomeš)

Prepared by Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs (MFEA) 

Peter Hulényi has been a diplomat for almost 20 years. After being seconded by the UNDP and the Canadian International Development Agency CIDA, he was entrusted to build the foundations of Slovak development assistance. Since 2002 his career is closely linked with SlovakAid.

White Crows are the black sheep of corruption

(by Patrik Tomeš)

Prepared by VIA IURIS

Even 23 years after communism, people are still harassed for being engaged in public affairs, for acting as whistleblowers, or for highlighting breaches of ethics in their communities. For the sixth time, noble people who courageously defended public interest received White Crow Awards.

Responsible business creating values

(by Patrik Tomeš)

Prepared by AmCham member: Pontis Foundation

The Pontis Foundation challenges individuals, communities and last but not least companies to bear responsibility for themselves and the world around them. In this article, AmCham members can find inspiration for some meaningful CSR projects.

Youth and senior citizens huddled under the Bridge

(by Patrik Tomeš)

Prepared by AmCham member: the Bridge - English Language Centre

Entrepreneurship isn’t just about business, it´s also about being involved in the environment where the business operates. Creation of communities as well as work with specific social groups should form a fixed part of the activities done by socially responsible companies.

No age limits in IT education

(by Patrik Tomeš)

Prepared by AmCham member: T-Systems Slovakia s.r.o.

Calling grandchildren via the internet, reading the daily news, chatting with old friends from school or watching a missed soap opera episode online. Senior citizens from Košice and the surrounding area are eager to learn all these things and a lot more.

Looking back at 2011 - the European Year of Volunteering

(by Patrik Tomeš)

Prepared by the European Commission Representation in Slovakia

Volunteering is an active expression of civic participation that strengthens common European values such as solidarity and social cohesion. At this time of economic crisis, volunteering also provides important learning opportunities because it can provide people with new skills and competencies.

Parental benefits in Central Europe

(by Patrik Tomeš)

Prepared by AmCham member: Accace

Labor organizations frequently fight against discrimination against women in the context of maternity and parental leave. Slowly but steadily the causes of working parents are becoming more visible in the legislation of Central and Eastern European countries.

Joyce DiDonato, the Queen of Baroque

(by Patrik Tomeš)

Prepared by AmCham member: KAPOS

The brilliant American mezzo-soprano Joyce DiDonato brought the spirit of the baroque to Bratislava with its queens and princesses in the award winning and internationally acclaimed program “Drama Queens” on November 7, 2013.

Danubius Health Spa Balnea in new splendor

(by Patrik Tomeš)

Prepared by AmCham member: Slovak Health Spa Piešťany

After 40 years of successful operations, the mud department, mirror pool, and rehabilitation center of the Danubius Health Spa Balnea in Health Spa Piešťany is undergoing an extensive renovation.

CSR mind shift: from “Why” to “How”

(by Patrik Tomeš)

Prepared by AmCham Member: getCLIENTS s.r.o.

The global CSR scene indicates that 2014 is going to be an exciting year for the CSR world with emerging trends and brand new products on the horizon.

It’s cool to be an iKid

(by Patrik Tomeš)

Prepared by AmCham member: KPMG in Slovakia

Last year, KPMG in Slovakia launched the iKid project, which focuses on children aged eight to twelve and their development in the area of creativity, innovative thinking, and execution of their own kiddie start-ups.

Changing the world responsibly

(by Patrik Tomeš)

Prepared by AmCham member: ABB, s.r.o.

ABB was selected as the most responsible midsize company of 2012 in Slovakia. Every year we engage in volunteer activities in partnership with our customers and business partners. In addition to our traditional approaches we are trying to expand and improve our activities in the CSR area for the public good.

The interest in volunteering grows

(by Patrik Tomeš)

Prepared by AmCham member: HEINEKEN Slovakia

A company that wants to do business in a long-term horizon should not only pursue economic activities but also consider the social and environmental impact of its business. It’s believed that companies aiming to exist for more than a year or two should set up measurable objectives for corporate responsibility.

Merry Green Christmas

(by Patrik Tomeš)

Prepared by AmCham Member: Deloitte

Even though we don’t realize it, over the Christmas holidays we impose a larger burden on the environment than usual. With a little effort, we can reduce the environmental impact of the holiday season.