AmCham Slovakia


Branding and marketing

Selling something to people is not enough any more.

(by Róbert Slovák, )

There was a time when we did not have to expect too much from branding. It was sufficient if it met its basic function by identifying a product, service or country enabled its differentiation from another. Later, emotions were assigned to branded products, adding more differentiating features; marketing got involved in the process. 

The AmCham Energy Committee

(by Milan Veselý)

The Energy Committee is one of the most active committees in AmCham. With the European Commission’s announcement of the new concept of the Energy Union, this fact will most likely remain true also in 2015.

Web analytics is not quantum physics

(by Marek Šulik, )

In online marketing, we often see that people tend to simplify its functioning regardless of the information they have at their disposal. We have a large amount of data at our disposal, but we tend not to go into depth when analysing it and we mainly base our decisions only on intuition or the recommendations of others.

2015: the year of online marketing changes

(by Viktória Margitová, )

Online marketing regularly introduces new features in order to satisfy marketers seeking new ways of creating a unique brand image accessible on a variety of platforms. The latest social media and Google innovations which will be discussed in the following article should not be omitted from any online strategy as they help build brand awareness effectively.

Content marketing as the key to successful PR

(by Branislav Zlocha, )

Every day, every moment, no matter whether we are driving through the city, or whether we are listening to the TV or radio, we are literally overloaded with marketing messages. But does this really work? What makes people think of your product or service?

In need of a storyline

(by Tomáš Grečko, )

The beeping of cash registers in hypermarkets continually announces the successful completion of another purchase. A B2B purchase is a very different case. It could be compared to a door-to-door sale in the countryside. Its marketing must be highly focused and effective. Because the customer only opens his door once. However, a new approach to content creation can take B2B communication to another level.

An explosion in personal data

(by Pavol Adamec, )

Every time we use a search engine, surf a website, buy a product or download an app, we part with personal data that’s being collected by the companies providing their products and services. This explosion in personal data presents great opportunities for companies, but also brings with it great responsibilities.

Copyright law in the digital age: changing legislation

(by Beata Kušnírová, , Andrej Liška, )

Copyright law in the Slovak Republic is currently undergoing an extensive amendment procedure which is expected to have a large impact on the legal position of authors as well as other entities operating in the field of copyright and intellectual property and this may be of importance for business in the entire sector.

A new arena for corporate innovation

(by Vladimíra Briestenská, , Tomáš Vyšný, )

The Spot has been an important part of the Slovak startup ecosystem for over two years. It has gone through various stages – and is still evolving – but it is widely recognized as Slovakia’s top innovation ecosystem. Vladimíra Briestenská, who is in charge of Corporate Partnerships and Innovation Trainings, and Tomáš Vyšný, Business Development and Research, told us a bit more about The Spot’s relationship with corporations and their newest project – the Booster Labs.

The golden voice from Malta

(by Ján Korecký, )

The young Maltese tenor, Joseph Calleja, is already known around the world. He is arguably today’s finest lyric tenor on the world’s leading opera and concert stages. In June, we will be welcoming him to Bratislava.